Employers confident about exchanges despite rocky start

More than half of U.S. employers—56%—are confident that public exchanges will be a viable option for their pre-65 retirees (those not eligible for Medicare), according to a recent survey from Willis Towers Watson.

The survey also found that in the face of continued pre-65 retiree healthcare cost increases, 72% of employers plan moderate to significant changes in pre-65 retiree health benefits over the next four years.


“This finding is significant because it reflects that employers see relative stability of public exchanges after a rocky start,” says John Barkett, senior director of policy affairs at Willis Towers Watson. “It is also significant because it points to a solution to a longstanding problem employers have had: how to provide more affordable health insurance to pre-65 retirees.”

Employers are already leveraging individual plans for their Medicare-eligible retirees, according to Barkett.

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